One of Those Weeks!

We all have them. Everything seems to be due. There never seems to be enough time. And on top of it all, you are super tired. Today is the Wednesday of one of those weeks. I feel so close to freedom and still like I am only really half way there.

I guess what I really want to know is what do you do to get out of this slump. I feel as if I’ve been slumping for weeks, all leading up to this final week. I keep telling myself that
“next week will get better.” Maybe this time I am telling the truth and yet again, maybe I’m not.

Here is a list of things I do to get out of my slump:

1.) Go for a run

2.) Take a bath

3.) Read (a good book, none of the school book stuff)

4.) Clean my room

5.) Let myself mope for a day

6.) Watch a good TV show or movie

7.) Go hang out with friends

8.) Do my make up


So the list can go on and on and sometimes it has to because none of the above things work. I guess what I am wondering is have you had these kinds of days or weeks and how do you fix them?


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