Canadian Music Week!

Hello Friends,

Last week, I was lucky enough to get to work at Canadian Music Week. For those of you who do not know what it is, it’s what it sounds like. It is a week of music conference and performances throughout Toronto. I was fortunate enough to worked at the Legendary El Mocambo. What makes it so legendary you might ask, um…ever heard of The Rolling Stones? Yeah, they played there!

Every night I got to hear six difference bands perform. The bands style was mostly acoustic, folk, but every once in a while we’d get a band that rocked a little more, and I put in my ear plugs. I want to talk to you guys about a couple bands I did like.

On Tuesday, I really enjoyed a performance by Maddy Rodriguez. She was our only female that night a I really enjoyed her music. She is a signer songwriter that can be found on Youtube. She was backed up by two of her bands mates who accompanied her on gutair and drums. If you enjoy a good songwriter like me, I’d google her.

On Thursday night, we were lucky to have Courage My Love play at our venue. The twins are super nice. If you like Paramore, they have a really similar sound. They have an amazing stage presence, and can they ever fill a room. It was one of our busiest nights. Recently, they have toured all over Canada and are gaining some serious buzz in the music industry.

On Friday, our venue caught on fire. To be honest, I was so preoccupied trying to get our sets back on time that I didn’t pay too much attention to those bands.

I had a really great week and I encourage anyone who is a fan or music or wants to work with music to go or volunteer. You will meet so many people with the same passion as you, and maybe a few celebrities.

To learn more about CMW go to their website: Click Here