How to Make the Most of Summer

I know for some people it may not fee like summer is ever going to arrive. I know I felt that way for quite a while. However, I still have made plenty of plans either way. I am one of those people who always creates a crazy amount of goals for the summer. I like to accomplish as much as possible.

I am in college which means my summer will start in 2 days. I know that seems crazy even to me. I thought I would tell you guys the goals I have for the summer and how to accomplish an goals you have.

My Goals:

  • Run 2 Half Marathons (Niagara Falls and Disneyland)
  • Become a Fitness Instructor
  • Post Videos Every Week
  • Blog Every Week
  • Make Money
  • Organize My Room


Last Summer ^

Most of these goals I already have planned, such as my half marathons. I am so excited to be active this summer. I wanted to help you guys make the most of your summer. Maybe you are saving for school or trying to accomplish something you never seem to have time to do, or maybe you just want to get the best tan of your life. Here are my tips.

How to Make the Most of Summer

Get a Job

I know a lot of people will be saying, “um, won’t a job give me less time.” But seriously having a summer job is great. Not only are you making money to spend on things to do, you are also meeting new people.

Write it Down

Get a Journal or Agenda and write down what you want to do, plan it out. Again, I know some people won’t like this idea because they don’t want to plan their summer. However, planning will help you accomplish more than just winging it will.

Plan a Girls Day (or Boys)

Just get away for the day. This is important if you are working. Get a few of your friends together and go the beach. Just lay out in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen) and have fun.

Learn Something New

This is the best place and change you can have to learn something new. Learning outside of school helps to remind you that learning can be fun. Try something you’ve always wanted to. For example, water skiing, knitting, how to dive. There are so many options, pick one you’d be interested in.

I hope this helps you guys get excited about summer. As much as it is a time to relax, you can accomplish so much in the time you have.

I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.



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