Let’s Talk Target!



Recently, Target opened up in Canada. SInce then, there have been many different types of  feedback. I for one LOVE it. While everyone else I have talked to has been disapointed.

If you haven’t been to a Target yet, I thought I would let you know what to expect.

The Prices aren’t Low

I know, you expect that you’ll walk in and love the prices. Not true. First off, the prices in Canada are higher than the prices in the USA. It’s just the way things unfortunately work. If you are used to shopping at the Target in the States, be prepared for this.

We have New Products

That doesn’t mean we have ALL the american products. However, we do have quite a few new products not seen before.  This was one of my favourite parts, partcuatly, the make wipes by Targets personal brand (up & up).

I Feel like I am on Vacation

This may be a personal thing. But, whenever I walk into Target I feel like I am in Orlando. I love to shop at Target when I am in the States. This is one of my favourite things.

Let me know what you love about Target.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Target!

  1. The target we have here in Australia is probably not that inexpensive either. I think that the US ones are much better with prices. But where ever you shop in Australia is pretty much expensive, and it’s so sad we pay much more than other countries for many things if not all things!

    Caryl x

  2. Wish we had a target in India or in the UK. But oh well, I think if it did open up, it would remind me of my vacation in the US too 🙂 Great post & blog!

    thebeautybeastblog.com xx

  3. Diva from the states here. I love Target too. It’s been a while (since my Dudelet came along actually) that I have been able to walk around the store and browse for a couple hours and throw what tickles my fancy in my cart, but I still love shopping there. Enjoy your Target!

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