Who Am I?

Hello Beauties!

I was just thinking that we don’t know much about each other. There is so much more you could know, but have not yet discovered.

I thought I would answer some quick questions so you can get to know me.


1. Do you have a middle name
Yes, but I don’t want to share it. (aren’t we off to a great start)

2. What was your favourite subject in school
Drama, I even went to college for acting, but was asked to leave for not being creative enough.

3. What’s your favourite drink
Water…or for those of you of age…a Space Freeze (courtesy of Boston Pizza)

4. Favourite song at the moment
In Case by Demi Lovato

or Here to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne

5. What would you name your children
Boy: Jackson or Dexter

6. Do you participate in any sports

Hockey, and I run.

7. Favourite book
Divergent (for the moment)

8. Favourite colour
Orange or Pink

9. Favourite animal
Dogs, I have two.

10. Favourite perfume

Guess (no the perfume by guess)

11. Favourite holiday
Christmas, because my birthday is December 24.

12. Have you graduated high school
Two Years Ago.

13. Have you been out of the country
I am so lucky to have travelled to many different places: London, Paris, Italy, Florida (Disney), Califorina (Disney) and New York.

14. Do you speak any other languages
Haha, No.

15. Do you have any siblings
I have a younger brother, his name is Cameron.

16. What’s your favourite store
Sephora…duh or Shoppers (the Canadian Version of Walgreens)

17. Favourite restaurant
I don’t know if I have one, but I love Subway (does that count?)

18. Do you like school
Not really, I like to do my own thing, at my own speed and school had too many deadlines.

19. Favourite youtubers

All the British YouTubers. (Zoella, Marcus Butler, Pointlessblog, Tanya Burr, Jacks Gap..ect)

NikkiPhillipi, RachhLoves, OrganizedbyJen

20. Favourite movie

Silverlinings Playbook and Star Trek

21.Favourite tv show
Chicago Fire

22. Pc or mac

23. What phone do you have
IPhone 5

24. How tall are you

Hope you learned something. Let me know more about you.

What is your favourite makeup product?

Rebecca xx


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