How to Winterize a Dress!

I don’t know about you, but I love my dresses. I’m serious, I try to avoid pants as much as humanly possible.

I wanted to create a video with some tips I have in to Winterize a Dress.

1) Pick a Dress that is an appropriate colour. (If you want to go crazy in Hot Pink, go for it!)

2.) Dress it up with tights or leggings. (If I’m wearing a black dress, I’ll add colourful tights)

3.) Add a Sweater or a Cardigan. (By adding a sweater the dress could be used as a skirt)

4.) Maxi Dresses are great to add more warmth to an outfit.

5.) Don’t be afraid to try it!

Check out my video below to see how I styled my dress.


New Years….Resolutions?

I know, I know! I’ve been bad!

My last post was like May?! What? That is crazy, how did I let everything slip? I can’t even blame it on school. I can only blame myself. But guess what? It’s a new year and that means resolutions…that I probably won’t keep. But, I will try. I think writing them on the web for everyone to see is a great way to keep them. So lets get into this.

1.) Take More Photos

This is super important to me. I am horrible at letting people take photos of me. I hate documenting how I look on a daily basis, but I feel as though I will regret not having pictures of 20 year old me in the furute. This also includes photos for blog posts and such (see it benefits you too)

2.) Create More Content

THIS IS EVERYTHING! Blog posts, YouTube videos, music, tweets. You name it, I want to do more of it.

3.) Focus on Me

I know! I’m single! I’m young! Who else do I have to focus on. The truth is: no one. But I find I haven’t spent the proper amount of time focusing on bettering myself as a person, physically and spiritually. I want to do thing I love and poor my heart and soul into them. I think this will help me better understand myself.

I know those aren’t a lot, but its a good start.

What are your resolutions?

What Makes Today Good!

Have you ever stop to think about what makes a day good. What little things matter? I complied a list of 10 things that makes today good. Only the small things.

1.) Getting an Advance Green Light

I live for these. I stay back at a red light just to get them. It’s even better when I am the only car.

2.) Waking Up Without An Alarm

I love waking up before my alarm and NOT being tired.

3.) When You Can Guess The End of a Movie

I don’t know about you but I feel so smart when I can guess what will happen.

4.) When Things Ring in on Sale

I love when I pay less than I expected, who doesn’t?

5.) When Someone Holds the Door for You

I am not talking about your friend, although that is nice too. I am talking about a stranger waiting for you and holds the door.

6.) Having More Time Than You Thought

When you are getting ready to go out and you realize you have 10 more minutes. It’s great.

7.) Being Given a Compliment

GIVE THEM! It can really make someones day.

8.) Waking Up to a Text Message

It’s nice to know people are thinking about you.

9.) Having Perfect Hair

Not having to get ready…best things ever.

10.) Saying “I Love You”

Making someone elses day can make your own.

What small things do you do that make your day?

Rebecca xx

Who Am I?

Hello Beauties!

I was just thinking that we don’t know much about each other. There is so much more you could know, but have not yet discovered.

I thought I would answer some quick questions so you can get to know me.


1. Do you have a middle name
Yes, but I don’t want to share it. (aren’t we off to a great start)

2. What was your favourite subject in school
Drama, I even went to college for acting, but was asked to leave for not being creative enough.

3. What’s your favourite drink
Water…or for those of you of age…a Space Freeze (courtesy of Boston Pizza)

4. Favourite song at the moment
In Case by Demi Lovato

or Here to Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne

5. What would you name your children
Boy: Jackson or Dexter

6. Do you participate in any sports

Hockey, and I run.

7. Favourite book
Divergent (for the moment)

8. Favourite colour
Orange or Pink

9. Favourite animal
Dogs, I have two.

10. Favourite perfume

Guess (no the perfume by guess)

11. Favourite holiday
Christmas, because my birthday is December 24.

12. Have you graduated high school
Two Years Ago.

13. Have you been out of the country
I am so lucky to have travelled to many different places: London, Paris, Italy, Florida (Disney), Califorina (Disney) and New York.

14. Do you speak any other languages
Haha, No.

15. Do you have any siblings
I have a younger brother, his name is Cameron.

16. What’s your favourite store
Sephora…duh or Shoppers (the Canadian Version of Walgreens)

17. Favourite restaurant
I don’t know if I have one, but I love Subway (does that count?)

18. Do you like school
Not really, I like to do my own thing, at my own speed and school had too many deadlines.

19. Favourite youtubers

All the British YouTubers. (Zoella, Marcus Butler, Pointlessblog, Tanya Burr, Jacks Gap..ect)

NikkiPhillipi, RachhLoves, OrganizedbyJen

20. Favourite movie

Silverlinings Playbook and Star Trek

21.Favourite tv show
Chicago Fire

22. Pc or mac

23. What phone do you have
IPhone 5

24. How tall are you

Hope you learned something. Let me know more about you.

What is your favourite makeup product?

Rebecca xx

May Goals

ImageI am one of those people who LOVES to write things down. Obviously, I have a blog. But, I find that when I write down my goals I am more likely to achieve them.

Now every time people talk about goals they always mention SMART goals. I have heard this many different time.

What are SMART goals?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic

T – Timely

I thought it was be a great idea for us to create some goals for May. I am going to write down five and I want you to write one in the comments below. Lets make the most of May.


1.) By the end of May I want to have read five books.

I love reading. It is so important to me, I have a goal for the end of the year to have read 50 books.

2.) I want to post at least 2 blog posts a week.

Now this one scares me. I never know how things are going to turn out or if I will have time to do things but I believe that I can do this.

3.) Have 3 training runs a week.

Some of you may know that I run half marathons. I have one planned for the beginning of June and it is important for me to improve my time.

4.) Become a Fitness Instructor.

I have my final exam on May 24, 2013. I want to do well and not have to repeat the test. This goal doesn’t seem too hard.

5.) Interact with my readers and subscriber more.

I want to grow my relationship with all my readers. You guys are really important to me and I want to get to know you better.

Can’t wait to hear your goals.

Rebecca xx

Wisdom Teeth :(

Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth taken out.  I was completely terrified. However, it wasn’t all that day. I will not be posting a picture of what I look like, sorry. 

Today is day two which means I am starting to swell. For the next few hours I will be watching Silver Linings Playbook and writing some future blog posts for you guys. I’m sorry I haven’t been updating all the much. School was crazy the last few weeks and I am currently trying to get back on schedule with work.

Anyway, I will see you guys real soon.

Rebecca xx

How to Make the Most of Summer

I know for some people it may not fee like summer is ever going to arrive. I know I felt that way for quite a while. However, I still have made plenty of plans either way. I am one of those people who always creates a crazy amount of goals for the summer. I like to accomplish as much as possible.

I am in college which means my summer will start in 2 days. I know that seems crazy even to me. I thought I would tell you guys the goals I have for the summer and how to accomplish an goals you have.

My Goals:

  • Run 2 Half Marathons (Niagara Falls and Disneyland)
  • Become a Fitness Instructor
  • Post Videos Every Week
  • Blog Every Week
  • Make Money
  • Organize My Room


Last Summer ^

Most of these goals I already have planned, such as my half marathons. I am so excited to be active this summer. I wanted to help you guys make the most of your summer. Maybe you are saving for school or trying to accomplish something you never seem to have time to do, or maybe you just want to get the best tan of your life. Here are my tips.

How to Make the Most of Summer

Get a Job

I know a lot of people will be saying, “um, won’t a job give me less time.” But seriously having a summer job is great. Not only are you making money to spend on things to do, you are also meeting new people.

Write it Down

Get a Journal or Agenda and write down what you want to do, plan it out. Again, I know some people won’t like this idea because they don’t want to plan their summer. However, planning will help you accomplish more than just winging it will.

Plan a Girls Day (or Boys)

Just get away for the day. This is important if you are working. Get a few of your friends together and go the beach. Just lay out in the sun (don’t forget your sunscreen) and have fun.

Learn Something New

This is the best place and change you can have to learn something new. Learning outside of school helps to remind you that learning can be fun. Try something you’ve always wanted to. For example, water skiing, knitting, how to dive. There are so many options, pick one you’d be interested in.

I hope this helps you guys get excited about summer. As much as it is a time to relax, you can accomplish so much in the time you have.

I hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.