New Years….Resolutions?

I know, I know! I’ve been bad!

My last post was like May?! What? That is crazy, how did I let everything slip? I can’t even blame it on school. I can only blame myself. But guess what? It’s a new year and that means resolutions…that I probably won’t keep. But, I will try. I think writing them on the web for everyone to see is a great way to keep them. So lets get into this.

1.) Take More Photos

This is super important to me. I am horrible at letting people take photos of me. I hate documenting how I look on a daily basis, but I feel as though I will regret not having pictures of 20 year old me in the furute. This also includes photos for blog posts and such (see it benefits you too)

2.) Create More Content

THIS IS EVERYTHING! Blog posts, YouTube videos, music, tweets. You name it, I want to do more of it.

3.) Focus on Me

I know! I’m single! I’m young! Who else do I have to focus on. The truth is: no one. But I find I haven’t spent the proper amount of time focusing on bettering myself as a person, physically and spiritually. I want to do thing I love and poor my heart and soul into them. I think this will help me better understand myself.

I know those aren’t a lot, but its a good start.

What are your resolutions?